Boots with decorations - a hit in autumn of 2018

This season the most popular are boots of various types, but - not just any. They are primarily about a beautiful and eye-catching accessory, such as jets, studs, patches and even thick laces. Many models of shoes this autumn makes us want to wear them, and not only for loose, casual stylizations. Also for those more demanding and elegant.

How to connect it? First of all, with outer clothing. Tassel boots with a claw are useful for trench coat and coats. To obtain this claw, it is worth buying shoes with a chain or decorative flat studs added on the side, which emphasize the feminine character. This is good news for women who value independence, feminine beauty and a bit of madness in styling their clothes.

What are the booties that you must have this autumn?

As we mentioned, fashionable footwear has not only an interesting cut and color, but also various types of accessories. Most often these are metal ornaments, like studs, convex and flat at the same time, with interesting shapes. Often they are also small studs, barely visible - but giving something interesting to the whole stylization. Shoes with a bond often resemble footwear for children, but with a short coat and a stylized casual hat, the whole can make an electrifying impression. Such boots are very versatile, even when they have the above-mentioned decorations. It's the perfect way to celebrate this fall.

How to choose boots carefully?

For elegant stylizations, it is worth choosing high-heeled shoes. This is especially true for small women who want to stand out from the crowd. In this way, you can show yourself to the world from a completely different side and feel good for two days in the same shoes, but ... completely different stylizations. Boots will also work with a fluffy autumn-colored jacket. For this scarf on windy mornings and such outfit is perfect for studies or for work in which there is no pre-planned dress code. Boots this season will just fit into everything - regardless of our fashion preferences and probably it is really great in them.