Boots of success - timberland

You will certainly find these characteristic shoes in a yellow, almost mustard color. They are a symbol of success in the footwear industry. Timberland was born in America, exactly in the USA, some 50 years ago. Their popularity, however, is not diminishing, on the contrary - more and more often, fashion designers use them for their stylizations, regardless of the time in which they were created. Currently also timberland is a symbol of good, durable shoes, which are not worth giving up.


Functional footwear for spring and autumn

Timberlandes fit many styles. They work well with both women and men. You can even say that they are universal shoes - the user can decide about their intended use, not the manufacturer's preferences. They also fit jackets and coats, making the latter option more stylized. Timberlandes are comfortable. Created in a factory in New England with waterproof material, they show that they are ideal competitors against sudden frosts and rains. They have characteristic features, for example, a thicker sole or hard toe, not to mention the waterproofness. In today's world there are many different "varieties" of these shoes, however, immortal timberlandas will always be associated with a mustard yellow color.


Some history…

Timberland in the 90s of the last century, especially in the urban version, dominated hip-hop. This means that it was the hip-hop environment that loved them for the expressive style that these shoes could achieve. In addition, apparently such shoes were worn by the then dealers and it was after them that you could recognize them. Fortunately, currently shoes do not have much in common with such "competition" as they used to be. Also rappers became interested in timberlandami - the company was able after several years to establish with some of them a fruitful cooperation, which raised the visibility of footwear in the media. Everyone knows them today!