Boots for harsh winter - what should you choose?

Winter has been surprising drivers for years. Although cold months are coming and it's time to put on winter tires - the drivers are surprised. Do not let it surprise you in terms of fashion. Make sure you have winter boots in advance. These should be warm, waterproof and extremely comfortable. We suggest what will be best for women and which for men!

What to look for when buying shoes for harsh winter?

Are you looking for the right shoes for harsh winter? Are you afraid that your shoes will prove to be insufficient protection on cold days and you want to find a really good quality product? Then there are several aspects that should be decisive when buying. Here they are!

First of all - bet on thermal comfort. This applies to both winter shoes for women and for men. We recommend those insulated with a sheepskin or other filling, but the key is to really protect your feet from getting cold. Remember that it is the extremities that freeze the fastest!

Secondly - opt for materials that are impermeable to water. When walking on snow, puddles or in the rain, water should not get inside the shoe. Sometimes the solution is special impregnation, but the condition is that they were shoes made of appropriate fabrics, e.g. natural leather.

Third - stability. This is especially true for shoes for harsh winter for ladies. Give up high heels and unstable high heels. They will not work completely on snow or ice, and will expose you to great danger. A moment of inattention and you can dislocate your ankle, break your leg or even break your head.

Fourth - the right sole. Unless you pay special attention to the sole in spring or summer shoes, it is very important here. The sole should have a special shape - indentations and lugs so that you will not slide on the icy surface.

Fifth - aesthetics. Harsh winter does not mean that you have to wear ugly shoes that you do not like. The offer is so extensive that you will easily find a variant perfectly matching your stylistic expectations.

The best shoes for harsh winter for women

  • snowboots - for many ladies this is the number one among winter boots. Perhaps because they are extremely warm and comfortable. Here, however, you need to pay attention to the type of sole - this is to be stable and non-slip. Also make sure your shoes don't get wet. We recommend e.g. Black boots membrane Caprice 26221. Their interior is lined with soft fur, and thick soles with a several-centimeter platform provide excellent insulation from the ground.
  • trekking - in our opinion it is this type of footwear should be most often chosen when buying shoes for harsh winter. Designed and made because they were warm, comfortable and stable in all weather conditions. You can move around the city, but also go to the mountains. An example of fashionable and functional shoes are reliable Timberland 6 In Premium Boot W shoes whether Grisport trekking shoes.
  • Boots - most often they take an elegant form, which puts the aesthetics first, overtaking practicality. Nevertheless, among the proposals you can also find such models that will be good boots for harsh winter. Make sure, however, that they have a good sole, are warm and waterproof. You may like e.g. black short varnished insulated boots or women's black boots with studs black Y208.

The best shoes for harsh winter for men

  • trekking - is the absolute number 1 among men's boots for harsh winter. They do a medal in urban stylizations, but also when you are up for a hike in the mountains or a walk on the icy surface. They are fashionable, warm, comfortable and waterproof. We recommend e.g. the trend of this year - NATIVE FITZSIMMONS CITYLITE JIFFY or for years ruling Timberland 6 In Premium Boot M shoes.
  • Boots - this type of footwear is not enough that it is extremely fashionable and goes with everything, it also perfectly meets the expectations we have for shoes for harsh winter. They protect against cold, they are waterproof and resistant to damage. Are you looking for such? You may also like it Big Star black boots.
  • elastic-sides - maybe they are not classic shoes for harsh winter, but among many proposals you can find those that pass the exam. We recommend models with a thick sole and made of materials that will not get wet after impregnation. For example, McKey suede men's boots tied 284 black, have thicker foam rubber bottoms, which are well insulated from the ground.

As you can see, shoes for harsh winter can take different views. It's up to you whether you choose a sporty or elegant finish. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and your leg does not freeze. Discover the wider offer at and find a solution that meets your needs!