Begin the summer stylishly - choose fashionable shoes for shorts

Every summer, when the heat is pouring from the sky, fashion lovers are wondering how to combine a stylish look with a sense of comfort. An interesting idea is to create a styling with stylish shorts in the main role. Short pants are willingly chosen by both men and ladies and constitute a mandatory element of summer clothing. We suggest what shoes will be best for shorts in the upcoming season.

What shoes for sports women's shorts?

The most fashionable shorts are those sewn from sweatpants and jeans. Knitted shorts look very good as an element of loose, urban styling. Included with bright sneakers and a light sweatshirt will be the essence of summer in the city. Denim models can be tight or loose. Less-suited shorts are perfect for hot weather. It's best to wear them flat sandals or wedge heels. Stylists advise against combining tight, sport shorts with high heels. Creating such a combination requires excellent fashion intuition and knowledge of trends, because it is very easy to rub yourself against kitsch. Shorts are a great choice also for travel. Sport shorts are suitable for cycling, climbing or canoeing. They do not restrict movement and are simply comfortable. What footwear will be the best for them? Sport models will look good, for example, fashionable sneakers or colorful sneakers. Sports sandals and shorts are the most popular holiday set. When choosing shoes for holiday trips, let's also remember about safety and good protection of the foot.

Shoes are the best for elegant women's shorts

In many stores shorts are available in an elegant cut with high-waisted. Short pants sewn from a pouring fabric - polyester, viscose or modal look very nice in a set with a fitted jacket or shirt. Which shoes best emphasize the nature of a more official styling? You can successfully combine shorts with balerinkami or espadrylamito get the effect of unconstrained, urban elegance. A good choice will also be wedge sandals and even classic sandals shuttles in a bright color. Excellent quality footwear for shorts can be found in the online store Remember that it is also important what kind of blouses we wear for shorts. Stylish top will make the whole outfit take on a formal character.

Men's stylizations with shorts in the main role

Short shorts have also entered the canon of men's fashion. They are an inseparable element of many sports stylizations. Supporters of classic elegance do not recognize the exposed legs and knees in everyday male stylizations. However, they treat shorts as an ideal addition to a holiday outfit. During summer months in the city, you can also meet more men dressed in shorts. Increasingly, shorts are an addition to the sets associated with fashion classics. Men usually wear short pants in sets with t-shirts, polo shirts and shirts made of airy linen. In addition, they choose matching cotton sweaters or knitted athletic jackets. It happens that the shorts are set up by the groom for a summer wedding and wedding reception in the open air! The complement of each stylization with shorts is the right footwear. To create a casual, masculine stylization, men can reach for comfortable suede moccasins. Sneakers also blend well with short pants. A great choice will also be snow-white sneakers, which are associated with holidays and nautical style. A real, summer classic is shorts and sandals - such stylizations reign in holiday resorts.

Shorts are definitely associated with summer and summer loose. Fashion lovers, however, know that in a set with the right shoes, short pants are a great base for many original stylizations with a more formal character.