Baby shoes for the winter - everything you need to know

Winter boots for kids are always a great challenge. They can not only be pretty. They must be comfortable and well protect small feet against cold and snow, as well as the plush. They must also be well-matched, due to the possibility of unnecessary and dangerous diseases. So how do you fit the children's shoe perfectly? What shape should shoes have in order to make the snow fun itself, pure pleasure?


Winter boots for kids - what size?


It is known not from today that kids are growing fast. This also applies to the rate, which in the first two years increases by up to two sizes. The increase then slows down, but not too much - up to the thirteenth year, the rate grows 1.5 cm for each year. Many details change, for example the shape or arch of the foot. You must remember that shoes do not constrict this part of the kids' body, because it can end up with, for example, flat feet or later problems. The rules are simple - buying shoes, keep 1.5 cm free space between the tip of the shoe and the tips of the fingers. In this way, the toddler comes in shoes a little longer, without harm to health. During the selection, it is worth measuring the foot of the child in place - it is good to trace the foot and apply the pattern to the insole of the shoe. This is a precise way to determine whether you have chosen it shoe for the winter it's right.


Shoes for the winter, or practical footwear


Such shoes must be not only comfortable, but also practical, universal. Ideally, they will be lighter than winter boots for adults and more flexible. A suitable non-slip sole will ensure safety during winter games, and the shock-absorbing insert will save babies from injuries that are so unnecessary during this period of growth. In the end, childhood should be associated only with positive aspects of life. Footwear must be made of breathable material - a sweaty child's foot is a guarantee of later illness, and no one wants it.

The choice of footwear is not a matter of great importance, but you can not choose the first, better shoes, especially without detailed measurements. Shopping with children may, however, resemble a torment - little ones are never interested in buying, and the environment in which they are. There is a way - in our store you will find the perfect footwear for your child - all you need to do is measure the length of the insole thanks to our guidelines. Use the results in shopping and enjoy the appropriate winter footwear for your toddler.