Autumn care of footwear

You should look after your shoes throughout the year. Regardless of the season and weather, because they are our showcase. Destroyed, dirty and ragged footwear not only looks ugly, but also tells a lot about the owner. The autumn-winter season is the time when care should be taken especially for the care of shoes, so that they look good despite the rain, mud and autumn weather.

Proper care

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The type of material from which shoes have been made affects the type of care and maintenance. The leather, suede and fabric shoes should be maintained in a different way. That is why other cosmetics will be needed for the care of suede and nubuck leather, and others for smooth leather and other materials. It is worth reading the information pictograms that are on your shoes. Only proper care and maintenance of shoes will allow you to use your shoes for many years.

Grain leather

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In the case of shoes made of grain leather, clean and apply traditional paste or cream and then polish the footwear. In the case of light skin color, it is worth thinking about protecting the color before the first putting on the shoes. The impregnation will help to protect the color against dirt that is inevitable in autumn.

Patent leather

In the case of patent leather, remember that if we do not regularly polish it, a beautiful and shiny look will not last forever. That's why you need to get a cleaning and polishing spray for autumn. Water and puddles do not affect the appearance of footwear. Only wellies will work in such weather if we want to guarantee that our feet will be dry.

In the case of suede or nubuck footwear, a suede or nubuck brush and a nourishing spray will be required. Thanks to it, we protect the color and protect the shoes from dust and water. Shoes made of artificial leather can be cared for with a cloth and liquid skin preparations.

You can not completely protect your shoes from soaking and dirt. However, properly selected impregnating preparations, thorough cleaning, pasting can help in the care of shoes in the autumn season.