For every rain and thaw

Shoes that will be resistant to any precipitation from the sky must meet individual expectations - they must be both waterproof and comfortable to wear. The proposed wellies will work out sensationally because of the high quality rubber that will push away all the bad weather. The soles with tread allow for long walks on wet and muddy ground, which promotes spending time outdoors. There are classics by Hunter, Tommy Hiliger and Kylie. The navy blue version will be pleasing to the background of the ubiquitous gray.

Extraordinary wellies

Simple construction, light weight, easy to put on, make this type of footwear become the only and favorite. Additional decorations in the form of straps with clasps, studs, elastic bands and sliders - will further allow the fitting of wellies for everyday styling. They can therefore be easily combined with jeans, leggings, dresses and skirts. Each set will look original and feminine.