Trekking shoes are designed for women who appreciate an active lifestyle. All those ladies who do not have the concepts of "boredom" and "inaction" in their vocabulary will find shoes made to measure.

Boots for special tasks

Trekking shoes must be durable, but nobody has said that it can not be fashionable and attractive at the same time. Certainly it should survive even the worst conditions. All shoes in this category are not afraid of heavy rains, low temperatures or the longest hiking trips. They are waterproof, windproof and extremely durable, which owe their solid construction and careful execution.

Not only practical

Probably every woman likes when the footwear on her feet is not only practical, but also fashionable. These are the shoes from this category: they can withstand everything, but they also impress with their appearance and look great on the foot. The universal black color makes it suitable for any styling. These shoes are proof that even under the most extreme conditions you can look like a million dollars.