Glany is undoubtedly shoes for strong women who like to stand out and want their footwear to be as strong as they are. The red glades that can be found in this category are a simple way to always stay in the foreground.

Glany - a classic in itself

Iconic boots are known to everyone. At first glance, they seem quite strong and clumsy, but they gain at closer acquaintance. It is said that whoever puts them on their feet once will love it with love for killing.

Red boots are certainly footwear for courageous women, self-confident, who know what they want from life. Different shades of red can become a base of many interesting stylizations, which certainly will not blow boredom.

Glany - universal footwear?

Contrary to appearances, glany can be worn almost to everything. They blend well with classic trousers or summer shorts. You can combine them with clothes with a seemingly completely different style - like summer airy dresses - to get a look that everyone will pay attention to.