Pink color reflects femininity

Shoes in the Japanese version are a great version for hot days, as well as during holidays at any beach. Thanks to the use of high quality materials: ecological suede, rubber, leather - all models will be worn comfortably and you can forget about abrasions. You can choose from classic and simple models, as well as flip-flops with additional decoration in the form of: pyramid studs, flowers, bows, zircons. The soles are in the same shade or they can be contrasting, eg white, beige.

Original stylizations

The pink shade will turn out to be a sensational addition to many combinations with airy dresses, short skirts and shorts, as well as leggings, jeans and chinos. The wealth of possibilities to combine this type of shoes with any part of the wardrobe makes it possible to beautifully display your feet at all times during the friendship with the summer aura. Such beautification of the legs is always up-to-date, and the chosen design of the Japanese will refer to the current trends in fashion.