Women's espadrilles on the sole sewn with a string. The sole adapts to the shape of the foot, thanks to which the shoes are comfortable on a daily basis and can be worn for a variety of styles.

What are espadrilles characterized by?

Espadrilles are still popular, due to the lightness, breathability and comfort of wearing. They are made of mesh fabric and have a comfortable inner liner. As a result, they are practical on a daily basis, provide comfort and adapt to different styles.

What are the advantages of this type of footwear?

- Espadrilles are a good solution for people who are looking for airy shoes, and at the same time one that covers feet.

- Espadrilles fit into shorts, jeans and other types of trousers. You can wear them on your bare feet, which gives you the opportunity to create interesting stylizations.

- This is a proposal for women who do not like high shoes, and do not want to give up an interesting look. Espadrilles look effective on the leg and even fit into elegant stylizations.

- A wide selection of colors and patterns allows you to match them to your wardrobe.