Active women who like to stand out from the crowd should definitely wear sports shoes in yellow! How many moods and stylizations - as many shades of yellow and combinations of colors!

Gold for the impudent

Women who like to shine, also love shiny accessories such as golden footwear. Sneakers on a white sole with gold accents or all in gold, this is a good addition to seemingly boring, everyday styling. If you love to play sports in original shoes - the golden color in training shoes will also be a good option for you.

Canary yellow and bold elements

Canary color in sports shoes allows you to add character to casual jeans and a T-shirt. This is a great proposition for a hot summer when the sun sets to combine bolder colors!

The elements of gold and yellow in sports shoes fit perfectly to the rest of the stylization - sports or casual. They let you stand out from the crowd, add energy. It's a color not only for teenagers - thanks to him you take away your years!