Always fashionable shoes with suede. Unusual elegance for everyone. Suede shoes are above all a natural softness, which will make even going out during the bad weather will be a pleasure for you.

Various kinds of

The offer includes shoes in which suede is the major part of the surface, but also in which it is only an addition. Check what suits you better and choose the optimal solution.

Suede shoes slip, zippered, fastened - all types that will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

How to care for suede

Contrary to appearances, suede is not at all difficult to keep clean. There are suitable preparations for the care of suede shoes on sale, but you can do it with a simple cloth or brush - both dry and wet. The most important thing is to remember that suede shoes should not be brought into mud splashes, because then - like any other - you will need to wash them thoroughly, which may affect their durability and aesthetics.