Shoes shoes for children Bartek 84279 navy blue multicolored multicolored white

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The perfect choice for children on all weather are leather shoes, children's feet will be perfectly protected against cold, moisture, and all kinds of damage. Bartek boots, however, provide even more safety - they have the "Healthy Foot" certificate, which means that they protect children's feet from damage and enable them to grow properly, which is ensured by a special, special construction.

All boys will surely like the modern design of these shoes and definitely men's colors that have nothing to do with the sweet boys' shoes that can be found in the offers of various brands. They are dedicated for busy users who like to play sports, run and play a lot. The fact that it is leather shoes, made of the highest quality materials, makes them perfect for all performances and look like new at all times. So let's invest in it, because each time it will be a purchase for a very long time, you can be sure.

  • Type of fastening: Velcro
  • Additional information: Stiff heel Leather insole Profiled insert Healthy Foot Sign
  • Hero: lack
  • stuff: Natural leather
  • Sex: girls
  • Colour: different colour multicolour blue white

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