Sandals boys' turnips Mazurek 1187 c. Yellow navy blue

37,29 USD
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Bartek has been conquering the market for more than a dozen years, not only Polish. When producing shoes, the main emphasis is placed on the safety and proper development of the child's foot. Each model, immediately after the design, is tested by orthopedists and anthropologists.

All Bartek shoes have the Healthy Foot sign, which guarantees parents that care for the proper development of their feet can be safely left to the specialists from Bartek.

Sandals boys' velcro Polish company Bartek are entirely made of natural leather, the best kind. The insoles are also leather, contoured. The shoes are fastened with velcro, which allows them to dress them up by the toddler. The rigid heel keeps the leg in a stable position. The rubber sole has non-slip properties. The upper is high.

Sandals are in an interesting, blue color that fits well with both jeans and short pants. Perfect for going out to the yard, to school or on the way to kindergarten. The shoes are very comfortable.

  • Character: lack
  • Additional information: Rigid heel counter Profiled insert Leather insole
  • Producent code: 1187
  • Color: Navy yellow
  • Material: Natural leather
  • sex: The boys
  • Clasp type: Velcro
  • Product weight with individual packaging: 0.32

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I already wanted to buy these shoes for my son. Yesterday the price of 119 PLN, I added to the basket. This morning I wanted to pay and place an order, and this is a zooonk. Price PLN 179. What a fraud. Mega disappointment. And I wanted to order something for myself. Not nice. This is what Poland is about. Ps I had to add an asterisk to send my opinion. The store doesn't even deserve one.