Sandals boys slippers turnips Befado 433p red multicolored blue

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Children's shoes Befado at a promotional price, are an excellent opportunity to buy our baby shoes from the top shelf. Sandals can perform various functions, they can serve as footwear and slippers for children, as well as can be typical outdor'owymi sandals.

Sandals are shoes textile. With high-quality fabrics made upper, lining and insole of the shoe. The insert is also profiled so that it is a most ergonomic foot for little dot. The sole is made of high-quality thermal-rubber. This material meets the high requirements posed by the children's footwear industry. Thermo-rubber is light on the one hand, and on the other hand, insulates a foot from the ground, so to protect our baby from freezing. All these features make the shoe deserved the mark "Healthy Foot"

Sandals are dedicated to the boys, but with the right choice of clothes can wear them also girls. The colors chosen are very neutral, upper imitates the color of his jeans, while the sole is dark blue.

  • Color: Red different colour blue
  • sex: The boys
  • Clasp type: Velcro
  • Additional information: Rigid heel counter Leather insole Profiled insert Healthy Foot sign
  • Character: lack
  • Material: Fabric

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