Róża is by far the most feminine color and is most often chosen among women who are looking for shoes for running training. It is worth to look at the offer Fashion Shoes in this area - roses have many names!

Orange roses

The most popular and most fashionable when it comes to sportswear is the orange color recently. It is a very expressive, feminine, delicate color. It is adored by both teenagers and mature women whose passion is sport. The combination of this color with dark accents gives the shoes interesting, striking, contrasting.

Convenience in sport

When practicing sports, it is worth noting not only the color of your footwear, but also its shape. Offered pink shoes have a comfortable, flexible foam-rubber sole and a mesh coating. This provides them with extraordinary comfort of use, as well as a high level of hygiene and ease of keeping clean.

In addition to the pink shoes on the white sole with dark accents, Fashion Shoes also offer dark shoes with colorful soles or pink accents.