Ren But Ren-But slippers 128 leather insert

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Comfortable slippers are the basics at home or in the kindergarten. The flip flops tend to slip, which unfortunately is not only uncomfortable, but can also create a serious threat. Ren - But shoes are slippers created for children who love to play and are everywhere. Girls' shoes made of navy blue fabric with a pattern of pink bows look good with any everyday clothing both at home and in kindergarten - changing shoes no longer means replacing matching shoes with completely mismatched ones.

The shoes were sewn from very durable material. The stiff heel significantly improves foot stability and does not rub. Easy to use, the small clasp allows the child to put on and take off his shoes without much difficulty, which saves time. The sole of the shoes is made of thermo-rubber, which at the same time does not rub and allows the foot to breathe, just like a leather insole inside the slippers. It's stable, comfortable footwear for children.

  • Sex: girls
  • Type of fastening: buckles
  • Additional information: Stiff heel Leather insole
  • Hero: lack
  • stuff: Fabric
  • Colour: pink blue

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The transaction was successful. I would recommend.