M.Daszyński Daszyński wedge slippers with cubic zirconia grey

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Daszyński's beautiful and very attractive women's sandals are a proposition for ladies who like to stand out from the crowd and appreciate unique things. The gold color of the stripes draws attention, but the shoes are so classy that they do not dominate the rest of the outfit. Certainly, they will appeal to women of all ages, and especially those who like to look elegant and stylish every day. Sandals are very versatile and look very nice on the leg, attractively displaying the calf. This will work great for both elegant styling as well as casual wear for trousers and skirts.

Attractive appearance is not the only advantage of sandals. Shoes are very comfortable, you can spend the whole day without feeling tired legs. Flat sole with a tiny 1.5 centimeter heel is the perfect solution for ladies who do not like heels and still want to look very feminine.

Shoes are made of high quality leather-like material that retains a new look for a long time.

  • Color: Gray
  • Additional features: rhinestones
  • Dominant pattern: different pattern
  • The nose: No nose piece
  • Outer material: artificial leather
  • Type of heel: Buskin
  • Insole material: Natural leather
  • Heel / platform height (cm): 9.0
  • sex: Women's shoes
  • Heel / platform height: 9.0

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