On the pin

Pumps on a heel are the kind of shoes that every woman should have in the closet - even to put them only once in a lifetime. They are necessary to give an order in some situations.

Pumps on a high heel

The high heel lengthens and slims the legs and emphasizes the buttocks - these are the main reasons why you should wear it. Pumps with a fashionable tip and an interesting cut are the assets of every confident woman. The higher the pin - the better the final result!

Classic high heels

Shoes on a pin in a uniform color, in a shade of nude or juicy red, are irreplaceable for a small black or seemingly simple, but feminine creation. They also add graceful creations typically office, consisting of trousers and a suit.

Slightly lower heel of a shoe made of good quality skin should treat women who like to feel fashionable and feminine on a daily basis, and spend most of the day in official outfits. Such varnished shoes, suede or matte leather will look great in any combination!