Nubuck leather is very delicate and requires special treatment, but nevertheless shoes made of such material look very impressive. If you are looking for elegant but comfortable and warm shoes, then in this category you will certainly find the right footwear for yourself.

Shoes for every occasion

We sell nubuck shoes for every occasion. In our offer there are both sports shoes, shoes, sandals, shoes, trekking, boots, as well as stylish boots and elegant pumps. We offer, among others, timeless Timberland and high-quality footwear from the Polish company Badura.

How to take care of nubuck shoes?

Shoes made of nubuck easily get dirty, so you have to look after them properly, only then will look good and serve for a long time. Maintenance with a special preparation is not everything, nubuck leather also requires regular brushing with a soft bristle, otherwise stains will remain. You must remember not to leave any stains on the shoes.