Leather Wedge

Koturny is an invention that allows you to feel confident, stable and ... high! Such footwear in both winter and summer is a perfect complement to the outfit of any woman with a small height, eager to add a few centimeters.

Wedge sandals

When choosing wedge sandals, it is worth paying attention not only to their cut, heel height, but also to the material from which they were made. Natural leather does not scald the feet, does not cause prints and is soft, and therefore the shoes are comfortable.

Wedge shoes

Boots made of natural leather on wedge heels are a good idea for the winter, when we want to feel feminine and beautiful, and at the same time stable even on slippery ground. High boots made of natural leather or suede are the perfect addition to a wool coat and narrow pants or pencil skirt.

Choosing wedge shoes is not just a matter of fashion. As it turns out, these are some of the most comfortable shoes that add centimeters. Thanks to them, you can feel better and more neatly - without the risk of tired feet.