Heel of a brick

The heel of the brick is unmatched when it comes to comfort. It is extremely stable and does not cause loss of balance. In addition, the shoes on the block blend well with all outfits.

Shoes on the block - elegance and comfort

Shoes on the block fit every day, and for a larger exit, juxtaposed with a dress. This type of heel provides a stable support, in contrast to the heel is strong and does not pose a risk of falling. The shoes on the block look neat, elegant, but also very comfortable. You can wear them under any circumstances, with any styling.

Shoes for every occasion - heel on the post

Our store offers a wide selection of shoes on the post. Open models are available, as well as boots and boots - with a low and high upper. We offer shoes in casual aesthetics, as well as more elegant cuts. The shoes are available in black and brown, as well as in stronger, original colors. All combine the use of high-quality materials and attention to detail.