Made of grain leather

Footwear made of grain leather is characterized by greater resistance to moisture and various types of dirt. The smooth surface is obtained by covering the skin with a layer of waxes, it can be matte or shiny.

In our store you will find grain leather shoes for every season. We offer sports shoes, boots, pumps, ballerinas. Footwear is available in many designs and colors, so you can easily find the shoes you need. We offer grain leather shoes from brands such as Nike, Caterpillar, Dr Martens, Timberland, Espinto, and Badura.

We focus on quality, our footwear is made with great care, we offer selected products to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, we can advise you if necessary.

How to care for grain leather footwear?

Before starting any skin care, shoes made of grain leather must be well dried, preferably in advance to fill them with the rules. It is important that they dry slowly, the use of dryers is not recommended, etc. After thorough cleaning and drying of the footwear, it is enough to apply the appropriate paste.