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Girls love to choose shoes. It is fun for them and it is very fun. The symbol of girls can be called ballerina. Appearance make the young ladies perceive themselves as delicate, charming and elegant.

Such ballerinas for children are offered by the Polish company Befado. The product of sale are children's slippers in blue with butterfly motifs. The inside is lined with blue material, and the whole is tightened with elastics. Their sole made of thermo-rubber is contoured, adapts to the foot of the holder and non-slip, so we can be calm about the safety of our child. The insole is made of the highest quality cotton, which makes the shoes extremely comfortable and soft. They cushion every step making you walk. Children's shoes allow the foot to breathe, which is extremely important so that there is no chafing. They also have a "healthy foot" test, so it is a proven and tested product and can be fully recommended to all mothers and their daughters.

  • Sex: girls
  • Type of fastening: Pulling Rubber
  • Additional information: Stiff heel Profiled insert Healthy Foot Sign
  • Hero: lack
  • stuff: Fabric
  • Colour: different colour multicolour blue

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