Girls' slippers Befado flower 110p268 gr pink multicolored white

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Home slippers made by the Polish manufacturer of footwear company Befado 110P268 model are the perfect sneakers for a girl. The combination of pink and navy blue will make this product appealing to every girl. Modern design and the use of high-quality materials make the Befado 110P268 children's footwear a perfect solution both for home and school.

In these sneakers used a high tip and a stiff heel that ensures our child's safety while playing in the open air. Modern thermoactive and breathable sole in these shoes makes even long walks with our child will not be tiring for him. Perfectly fitted sole is made of high-quality cotton.

The fastening system through an adjustable buckle allows you to perfectly match the footwear to the child's foot while at the same time ensuring maximum safety provided by the high heels. Safety and high quality are confirmed by the "Healthy Foot" certificate that Befado footwear has.

  • Sex: girls
  • Type of fastening: buckles
  • Additional information: Stiff heel Profiled insert Healthy Foot Sign
  • Hero: lack
  • stuff: Fabric
  • Colour: pink different colour white

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The transaction was successful. I would recommend.