American Club Galoshes insulated with Red Car sock grey black white

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We know that these automatic translations are not perfect and we have a lot of fun reading them too ;)

Energetic combination of living and very vivid colors, looks like the necessary accessories arcyważnego construction worker - the magic just have a wellies American Club, dedicated to very spontaneous and full of energy the boys.

Green combined with a deep garnet and solar bile, enriched with interesting motif unusual road signs is a great way to do that every boy liked galoshes.

Galoshes for children are made of solid rubber, reinforced rigid zapiętki and equipped with removable fleece sock. This is what makes rubber boots can be used regardless of the season, to freely and safely jump over puddles.

Interesting upper and attractive design make the American Club galoshes for children to purchase not only fashionable, but also very convenient. This is the essence of childhood dreams and warranty run the most magical corners of the imagination. Because jumping over puddles to the magic of childhood, which he wants to come back every rainy day.

  • Hero: different
  • Colour: red Gray black white
  • Sex: Boys
  • stuff: Gum
  • Type of fastening: Other
  • Additional information: Stiff heel

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