Foam shoes have one thing in common - they are very light, so they are willingly used by both children and adults.

Slippers and foam slippers

In our offer you will find, among others, light and comfortable foam slippers, as well as flip-flops - also branded ones. They are easy to clean, so they often also play the role of shoes that are used during summer months or on holiday trips.

Galoshes from foam

Manufacturers also compete in offering wellies made of foam. It was in this type of shoes that weight was often a problem that made it difficult to wear, especially for children. Currently, this is no longer a problem, because the weight of these shoes is surprisingly low.

Foam shoe is also a guarantee of durability, because it is a material that does not deform easily. It is difficult to destroy them and change their parameters, so they work on worse substrates and in places where other shoes would quickly become deformed. The foam also allows any decorating with graphic elements.