Autumn and winter days are often cold and wet, but for children it is not a reason to stay at home. Walks through the park's flooded alleys can turn out to be a real attraction for kids. In order to get out of the deepest puddles with a dry foot, the right galoshes will be perfect. In this category you can find models in various shades of blue. Both girls and boys love this color!

Galoshes for toddler

Thanks to the wellies, the toddler will get through any water unscathed. Their high, waterproof uppers are durable and will not let even one drop of water get inside the shoe. On cooler days, you should stock up with wellingtons with inner insulation that will prevent the feet of small, childish feet from getting cold.

Different patterns and colors

In this category you can find different variants of wellies in blue. A huge selection of designs and styles means that every toddler can choose a dream model for himself. These shoes make even the most rainy an amazing adventure.