Gray is the most fashionable color for several seasons back, also in children's fashion. For parents, this color is also important for a different reason - practical when it comes to washing footwear and universal, because it can be combined with other colors.

Children's sneakers

Sneakers are sports shoes. They have a comfortable rubber sole with a high level of flexibility. They are made of textiles that guarantee the child to maintain a high level of foot hygiene and enable washing in an automatic washing machine. Velcro fastenings or shoelaces in sneakers is the reason why this type of footwear was worn by both older and younger kids.

Individual sneakers

For your child, choose the sneakers that best suit his preferences. Shoes with cheerful prints in shades of gray are a great addition to the outfit for a toddler.

Sneakers with a higher upper in a solid gray color by Converse are the perfect shoes for an older child who likes to play with fashion. Certainly among many models of sneakers you will find the perfect ones for your child.