Warmer periods of the year require the use of footwear adapted to the prevailing weather conditions, especially temperature. During high heat there is nothing worse than a foot boiling inside a tight footwear. Especially when this foot belongs to the child.

Airy and comfortable

Ensuring the proper circulation of air for the foot in the footwear is the most important task for shoes in the summer. The child's foot is particularly vulnerable to sweating, which is why fully covered shoes are not always good. Sandals are perfect for this. In order to make it easier for parents to choose shoes of this type for their children, we have created in our shop a separate category for children's sandals, chosen according to the yellow color - full and mixed with other colors.

Yellow - fits in every situation

The choice of the yellow color was not accidental - spring and summer aura favors the choice of this color, because it perfectly adapts to the surroundings. Sandals in this color will be a perfect complement to any styling. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with individual models.