Who said that choosing a ballerina for a girl, you must decide on the typical girlish colors: pink, purple or blue? In this category you can find girls' ballerinas in black. Contrary to appearances, black can also be very girlish and adorable.

Black ballerinas for a small dandy

Every little hipster will surely appreciate the classic elegance of black ballet shoes. Fashionable cut makes you shine on the school corridor or while walking with your family.

The classic and dark color looks very attractive and despite appearances, it does not have to be boring. Sufficient interesting accents, such as gold accessories, delicate stripes or an intriguing pattern, to convince yourself that black ballet shoes are a hit!

Convenience above all

There is nothing to hide that children's shoes are not only nice, but above all comfortable. All shoes in this category provide a low degree of comfort and safety, ensuring its proper development. Such shoes will certainly be appreciated by every little lady!