Befado 672X039 half-slippers slippers

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Comfortable hangovers around the house or a change in school or kindergarten are necessary for every child. It is worth that in addition to the advantages of comfort and safety they are also nice - then probably the child will gladly wear them. Befado slippers have the form of half-sneakers. This footwear is very similar to sports, but lighter and thinner. It is mostly gray and blue, with a print depicting fairy-tale characters - it fits many children's clothes and is very versatile.

Befado shoes were sewn from durable fabric. They have a stiffened heel, and the sole is made of thermo-rubber, which bends easily, but does not rub and wear very quickly. Importantly, the footwear also has a Healthy Foot certificate, which confirms its comfort and the fact that it will not harm the developing baby's skeleton in any way, even worn for several hours a day. These are durable, decent shoes that will cope with crazy children's games and provide comfort at home and at school or kindergarten. Velcro closure is very comfortable.

  • Sex: girls Boys
  • Type of fastening: Velcro
  • Additional information: Stiff heel Profiled insert Healthy Foot Sign
  • Hero: lack
  • stuff: Fabric
  • Colour: Gray blue white

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