Befado 251X045 half-trainer slippers green grey black

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Children's shoes from the Polish company Befado are excellent quality at an attractive price. This brand, with a long tradition, is well known to customers not only in Poland, but also abroad. Its basic motto is to care for the healthy development of a child's foot, which is supervised by a group of specialists, i.e. orthopedists and anthropologists.

Befado shoes are made of the best quality materials, in a huge color palette, Every toddler will be delighted with the patterns on the shoes and will find something for himself.

Footwear designers from Befado put the main emphasis, in addition to health, on comfort, which is why they created children's slippers that can be used both in the yard, at school or at home.

The 251x045 model are semi-sneakers slippers dedicated primarily to boys. Both inside and outside, they are made of cotton fabric, which allows the foot to breathe. Their fronts are flooded.

The stiffened heel counter facilitates proper walking. The soles are flexible and non-slip, do not stain the floors. And all this at an attractive price.

  • sex: The boys
  • Clasp type: Astringent rubbers
  • Additional information: Rigid heel counter Profiled insert Healthy Foot sign
  • Character: lack
  • Material: Fabric
  • Color: green Gray black

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