Ballerinas girls' Ren But 4293 zlotys yellow black

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From the very beginning, girls like to feel like princesses and are happy to choose clothes and shoes according to their own style. Black and gold Ren shoes for children will surely appeal to every little hipster. The classic pattern with a pepitka and a combination of glowing gold and elegant black make these shoes ideal for large outings such as school celebrations or family gatherings.

When buying good quality girls' shoes, it is worth paying attention not only to their appearance, but also to the materials used to make them. Presented shoes are made entirely of natural leather. Thanks to this, the child's leg does not sweat excessively and the skin can breathe. A characteristic feature of this product is also an antibacterial insole that anatomically adapts to the small foot.

As the highest quality product, the Ren But children's shuttles were awarded the Healthy Foot sign. This is a guarantee that footwear has a beneficial effect on the development of the child's foot and was made while maintaining the highest standards.

  • Additional information: Leather insole Profiled insert Healthy Foot Sign
  • Sex: girls
  • stuff: Natural leather
  • Type of fastening: Pulling Rubber
  • Hero: lack
  • Colour: yellow, gold black

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