Ballerinas girls' circles Bartek 18153 pink violet

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When choosing children's footwear, it is necessary to put on special solutions that provide children's feet with proper development, comfort and prevent deformation. Such footwear must also have adequate durability and air permeability. Such features have Bartek shoes, among which you can find proposed children's ballerinas. They captivate with a beautiful combination of sweet colors and every girl will like it, but their technical values ​​are no less important. Above all, it is important that the footwear is made of natural leather.

Leather shoes for children is a great solution, because this material provides comfort, comfort and at the same time well adapts to the shape of the feet, so there is no question of oppression. These shoes also protect children's feet from excessive sweating. During their production, special orthopedic facilities were used, which are required in the case of children's footwear, such as reinforced heels or appropriate profiling.

  • Additional information: Stiff heel Leather insole Profiled insert Healthy Foot Sign
  • Sex: girls
  • stuff: Natural leather
  • Type of fastening: Velcro
  • Hero: lack
  • Colour: pink purple

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