Ballerinas girls flowers Bartek 85374 multicolored white

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Undoubtedly, children's ballerinas are among the most frequently chosen shoes for their daughters by parents, but they are often not adapted to the requirements of children's feet. Therefore, it is worth choosing shoes that have the "Healthy Foot" certificate, such as Bartek children's shoes, because only then can you be sure that the shoes will not threaten the proper development of the child's foot, but will support it.

As you know, the most comfortable and generally recommended shoes are leather, which is why children's ballerinas made of the highest quality natural leather are an excellent choice for every little elegant woman. The proposed shoes will appeal to all girls, mainly due to the princess cut - with a comfortable stripe, as well as a delicate white color and a subtle floral pattern, which has been extremely fashionable for several seasons.

The hard sole of the shoes perfectly absorbs steps and prevents discomfort associated with walking on hard ground, and the strap prevents the foot from sliding out of the shoe. So it is an excellent proposition for all occasions.

  • Additional information: Rigid heel counter Leather insole Profiled insert Healthy Foot sign
  • sex: Little girls
  • Material: Natural leather
  • Clasp type: Velcro
  • Character: lack
  • Color: multicolour White

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