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Some patterns, products or music are timeless. The situation is similar with moccasins - it is a pattern of footwear that always looks attractive and appealing to both men and women. Moccasins are comfortable and elegant at the same time. They fit most everyday clothes. 231 men's loafers are a great solution for all men who want to look good. These shoes are made entirely of natural nubuck leather. In the middle there is a comfortable, leather insole, which increases the durability of the entire footwear.

The shoes are available in the color of coffee with milk (a mixture of shades of beige and brown), which makes them fit most clothes in colors from slightly off-white, through beige, ending with brown. You can wear them virtually for any occasion - they go well with denim and corduroy trousers or cotton trousers. They perfectly harmonize with both T-shirts and shirts and sweaters. The shoes are sewn in such a way that you can see the seams on the outside, which makes them even more attractive.

These are laceless loafers.

  • Outer material: Natural leather
  • Dominant pattern: without pattern
  • Insole material: Natural leather
  • Color: brown, beige

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