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Martensy, the most comfortable footwear for fall and winter How to care for leather shoes? Casual shoes for casual styling - how to wear them? Slippery feet, abrasions, corns - how to choose shoes not to suffer? Autumn boots - what to choose? Boots for harsh winter - what should you choose? Light walking shoes at work Sport shoes in casual styles How to remove mold from shoes? How to choose trends for fall 2019 for your stylization?
With the increase in interest in the fashion of the 90s of the last century, martens have gained popularity. Despite the fact that they were designed shortly after World War II in Germany, they actually never went out of fashion. You may associate them most with punk and grung, but they are not shoes only for teenagers. In this article you will find information about them and several styling suggestions.
Leather shoes require care and attention. Why? This is primarily due to the fact that we spend much more on such footwear than on plastic footwear. So we want to extend their life. The second reason is the comfort of use - leather shoes are extremely comfortable, adapt to the foot and guarantee the pleasure of wearing even when we have them on our feet for hours. So we suggest how to care for leather shoes to ensure their longevity? Get to know our tips!
Everyone has their own preferences regarding the style in which they dress. If you choose everyday more loose and comfortable combinations, your wardrobe should not lack sports shoes. We advise on how to combine them with casual stylizations and reveal what models are the hit of this season!
For aesthetic reasons and fashion, you can often expose your feet to uncomfortable footwear, such as too high heels or shoes in an unmatched size. Uncomfortable and unhealthy shoes can lead to painful abrasions, corns and even halluxes. For this reason, it is worth remembering that taking care of your feet is an investment in your health. Check how to choose shoes so you don't suffer.
Holidays ended imperceptibly. The days are getting shorter, cooler and more gloomy. So it's time to change your wardrobe to suit the autumn weather. Good quality shoes play an important role here - they should be comfortable, warm and preferably waterproof. It cannot be concealed that in autumn the weather can take its toll. We suggest which boots for autumn to choose and which models are currently hot!
Winter has been surprising drivers for years. Although cold months are coming and it's time to put on winter tires - the drivers are surprised. Do not let it surprise you in terms of fashion. Make sure you have winter boots in advance. These should be warm, waterproof and extremely comfortable. We suggest what will be best for women and which for men!
Autumn and winter are the time of year when we are forced to wear heavy, warm and waterproof shoes. Thanks to this, we will ensure proper thermal comfort and reduce the risk of colds. However, it is hard to imagine spending the whole day's work in such shoes. So we suggest which lightweight walking shoes at work will be the best. We present models suitable for both men and women.
Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers, sneakers - there are many types of sports shoes. They all have one thing in common - convenience. So it is difficult to wear them only for activities or sports, since you can use it every day. So sports shoes are perfect for casual stylizations. How to put them together? Which models should you choose to look stylish? Let's see!
When preparing shoes for the new season, you may encounter an unpleasant surprise. White coating on shoes, easily noticeable especially on a black shoe, may turn out to be mold. Sometimes the raid color is gray, greenish or brown. You will certainly recognize it by the unpleasant musty smell characteristic of basements. Such mold can be found on both natural and plastic footwear. How to deal with her? How to remove mold from shoes?
Usually shoes are treated as an addition to the stylization, but this season there are so many crazy options that it is worth trying something new. If you are afraid that these types of variations are not suitable for everyday use, then this article will change your mind.
I don't know a woman who wouldn't have at least one pair of pants in her wardrobe, and you surely have them too. At the intensity of life, they are much more practical than dresses and skirts. You must have ever wondered what shoes to choose for a particular model to look your best, and this article will help you with that.
The autumn calendar started recently, and the first yellow leaves appeared on the trees, which means the last bell to buy new footwear.
Continuing the previous article, this time we will consider preparing other autumn shoes for all rainy expeditions. In our wardrobe we certainly have a wide variety of footwear that you need to take care of in a proper way. Not every person also uses leather counterparts. Let's consider how to care for other shoes shortly before the season.
Leather shoes are a must have in virtually every autumn season. Thanks to them, you can choose great stylizations and at the same time have guarantees that the shoes will withstand the toughest weather fluctuations. However, you cannot leave the leather footwear alone. What exactly does this mean? That it is worth taking care of them in several different ways. Thanks to this, we will extend the pleasure of walking in them throughout the autumn.
Winter is not the most popular time to get married. However, some couples decide to get married in the winter season because of the short deadline, lower price or simply preferences. Then the question arises among guests - what winter wedding shoes? Do you have to take shoes for a change? Or maybe I can in pumps or shoes? We dispel any doubts and advise which model to choose!
Summer is definitely the most popular time for weddings. Young people willingly enjoy the charms of weather offered by this period. For guests it is also a convenient time - holidays are conducive to holidays and trips, and the weather outside encourages to meet with loved ones and party until dawn. However, the question arises - what shoes for a summer wedding! We've decided to gather the most important information to help you make this decision. Here are our tips!
Increasing days, higher temperatures and strong shining sun make spring is the eagerly chosen season for weddings. From mid-March to June, the weather pattern varies greatly, which is why there are doubts about which shoes to wear in spring. So we decided to prepare a handful of inspiration that will help you make a decision. We advise you on what shoes for a spring wedding will work for ladies and gentlemen!
The golden Polish autumn - the sun is slightly dimmed, the golden colors of the leaves and still relatively high temperatures mean that September and October are months when young couples decide to vow to love to the grave. However, sometimes the weather disappoints, so wedding guests wonder what outfit to prepare for the day. We advise you on what shoes for a wedding in the fall will be the best!
This question is asked not only by ladies, but also by gentlemen. Shoes are the part of the wardrobe that is never too much, especially since the seasons change so quickly. And summer weather is not always beautiful and hot. We have already been greeted by August - a month in which more and more storms and heavy rains occur.
We ask this question - YES! - right now. Although it's only mid-August, it's worth looking into your closet at this point. Maybe the holiday season is over, but we have some time to do the pre-autumn cleanup.
Elegant ankle boots for women are currently one of the most popular types of footwear. The choice is huge - both boots on the wedge or on the post, as well as comfortable wellies can be stylized so that they look elegant and chic, and at the same time they were very functional. It is important to choose footwear that will be high quality, durable and stable. We suggest what elegant women's ankle boots are worth choosing this season!
Choosing the right baby shoes is not so easy. Concerned about the safety of our children, we want to choose such footwear that will ensure the highest comfort, stability of the foot and will not rub or weaken the child. An important aspect is also the appropriate material from which they are made. A good choice that will ensure adequate stability for children's feet will be ankle-high boots. In the article below, we will advise you which shoes should be the best for the children's ankle.
In summer the wardrobe is filled with colorful, airy dresses and short shorts. As soon as the temperature climbs up, we replace the entire wardrobe with a light and comfortable one. Many women, however, wonder what summer shoes are best to decide on. It is important that they are airy and comfortable to wear, but also fashionable and made of appropriate materials. We come to help and suggest what summer shoes should be chosen this season!
When choosing a mountain trip with children, we often wonder what footwear to choose. We want it to be comfortable, comfortable and durable. It is also important to provide the child's foot with adequate stabilization and cushioning. We present our proposals for shoes in the mountains for children.
Access to foreign trips means that even for us Poles, the summer can last a whole year. Although the official season will start only at the beginning of June, many vacationers choose to vacation April or May. Remember to take practical swimming shoes for the trip. If we want to ask for chic in the area of ​​the hotel, let's choose one of the fashionable models for this year's holidays.
When we imagine what a beautiful, confident and sexy woman looks like, the main place in the picture is taken by pins. High heels, which according to fashion houses should not be less than 9 centimeters, have become a desirable element of dress code in large corporations and a valuable attribute of femininity during dates. Who invented the heels and how did this type of footwear enter the fashion canon?
Heavy, massive footwear modeled on military models, which is associated primarily with subcultures concentrated around specific genres of music - rock, punk and metal. This is how you can describe your clay in a nutshell. Shoes with a characteristic binding, high leather uppers and solid soles love thousands of teenagers and adults - women and men around the world. We suggest how to create stylizations with glas in the main role, that their owners look and feel feminine.
Sneakers permanently entered the fashion canon for children and adults. This comfortable sports footwear fits many styles. Parents are happy to buy sneakers for their children because they are easy to put on, they are light and look great on the foot. What to look for when looking for the perfect shoes and what are the best sneakers for a toddler?
The beginning of spring is the best time to start the bicycle season. Recreational riding with a two-wheeler does not require specialized equipment. If the number on the meter increases every day, it is worth thinking about bicycle shoes. Thanks to them, moving on two wheels will be a real pleasure. What footwear for cycling will be the best?
Every summer, when the heat is pouring from the sky, fashion lovers are wondering how to combine a stylish look with a sense of comfort. An interesting idea is to create a styling with stylish shorts in the main role. Short pants are willingly chosen by both men and ladies and constitute a mandatory element of summer clothing. We suggest what shoes will be best for shorts in the upcoming season.
Choosing the first shoes for a child can become a challenge for parents. Many orthopedic surgeons are advised to dress the toddler's feet ready to take the first steps in properly matched shoes. Parents often have doubts and wonder what footwear to choose so that the toddler will learn to walk properly. We suggest what the first baby shoes will be the best.
Every mother dreams that her child looks beautiful and elegant during the First Communion. In May, you can admire beautifully dressed children gathered in front of the churches - girls dressed in white dresses with wreaths woven in hair and boys in suits. We suggest what shoes will be best for a child for the First Communion.
When the heat is pouring from the sky, and the city covers the glow of hot air, walking in covered shoes is a real slaughter. Fashion canons have long since changed and sandals have become an important element of urban styling. The men from the Mediterranean countries have a big influence on summer trends. The men there mastered the creation of comfortable and fashionable stylizations. We suggest what sandals an elegant man can wear.
Sneakers are undoubtedly one of the most popular and most worn shoes. They combine generations and professions - they are worn by rock stars, actors, journalists, bloggers, as well as primary school children. Fashion for the characteristic, white soles has been in the world continuously for several decades. Where did the sneakers come from and what made them so famous?
Coco Chanel and Greta Garbo, when they borrowed suits from the men's wardrobe, knew what they were doing. Ladies look great in trousers in racket and jackets. This set is a comfortable uniform that can be freely stylized. It works great during official events and social gatherings. We suggest what shoes fit best to a women's suit.
Spring will come to us in a few weeks. Urban parks and squares will be filled with walkers and lovers of outdoor sports. Warmer months are a great time to start the adventure with running in the field and work on the figure before the summer. The most important is proper preparation for jogging. We suggest what women's shoes will be the most fashionable in spring of 2019.
A trip to a business trip requires packing appropriate clothes and accessories. On the spot, we must elegantly present during official meetings and during free time, which will surely be carefully planned by the organizer. This means that in a well packed suitcase must be formal sets and casual outfits. We suggest what women's and men's shoes to choose for a business trip, to feel comfortable and look great.
The arrival of spring is a time for walks and outdoor activities for the youngest. As the Scandinavians say - there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. Therefore, we provide our children with fashionable spring boots, in which the little ones will be able to walk at will during rainy spring days and to shower in puddles. We advise you on how to choose baby wellies to be comfortable and enjoy the youngest.
Going abroad is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures, discover the flavors and admire the beautiful views. It is best to explore new places on your own, using local means of transport or just walking. Independent expeditions, during which foreign lands get to know each other on their own feet is a reliable way to create memories. When planning a trip abroad, you need to take care of appropriate footwear. We help you choose shoes that will work best during tourist journeys.
Once again, we return to the subject of sports footwear. No wonder - this year it is worth betting on sporting, healthy activity, thanks to which we will revive after the winter. Running and cycling are becoming more and more popular, as well as various types of team games. So let's find ourselves in all of this. Also using our sports footwear that is recommended to buy!
Gentlemen, it's time for you! Spring is fast approaching. Ladies have already made the initial selection of shoes and know what to expect in the new season. They also know what to buy to feel beautiful and fashionable, regardless of the season, even the most rainy one. And men? They can not be left behind!
Suede shoes have enjoyed unflagging popularity for several years. This type of footwear is great, and well-designed women's and men's models deserve attention. Keeping steam of this material clean requires a bit more work than in the case of grain leather. The charm of suede lies in its beautiful texture and softness, which is why we should remember about proper impregnation and care of footwear almost after each assumption. We advise on how to learn to take care of a pair of suede, so that cleaning takes up little time, and the shoes look great for a long time.
For many high school students, a prom is an opportunity to choose the first pins in life. Pumps on a thin pillar enchant with their charm. These timeless shoes look very stylish in combination with an elegant dress, they are also a way to add femininity to every teenager. We advise what to look for when selecting pins, so that they do not turn out to be a purchase for one party only.
The temperature outside indicates the middle of winter, but on the catwalks you can feel the clear gusts of spring. We look forward to the next season. We can make our expectations more pleasant by doing our first spring shopping. Below we suggest what the most fashionable shoes will be in the spring of 2019!
We choose the first elegant shoes for a boy most often for Communion and an exam at the end of junior high school or elementary school. If there are not many official occasions in the life of a young person, most often we will be in the final year before the next couple is chosen again. The bar is suspended very high - the shoes must please the teenager and be so versatile and comfortable that they can be put on the prom and exams. We advise you on how to choose the best shoes for a high school graduate.
We are facing another, second article from the series of footwear trivia. Exceptionally, we will go back a bit in time, first remembering the age closer to us, and ending with the figure of Marie Antoinette. Before it comes, it's worth asking yourself whether shoes can be ... a symbol of happiness? Yes! It turns out that in Asia very often beautiful pins are embedded in the buildings when bringing them. They are to bring prosperity to new residents!
You will certainly find these characteristic shoes in a yellow, almost mustard color. They are a symbol of success in the footwear industry. Timberland was born in America, exactly in the USA, some 50 years ago. Their popularity, however, is not diminishing, on the contrary - more and more often, fashion designers use them for their stylizations, regardless of the time in which they were created. Currently also timberland is a symbol of good, durable shoes, which are not worth giving up.
Today's topic of our next text is the question about the number of shoes. Women have the best answer - I still have too little. Gentlemen do not need so much footwear, but sometimes it's worth splurging and wondering if some shoes do not lack us sometimes? And it certainly is! We should have shoes not only for everyday walking, at least two pairs, but also shoes for special events or celebrations. In the women's wardrobe, heels or low-heeled shoes will be obligatory, highlighting the dress. And for men, lacquered, elegant shoes are the basis without which you can not move!
Do you love shoes just like us? For sure! That is why this working week ends with a short entry about not so much about shoes and their kinds, but interesting facts about shoes. If you want to learn a few interesting facts, we invite you to read the first of this type of blog entries on blog!
They are usually associated with the house, they only bring back good memories and protect against a cold floor, especially in autumn or winter. Without them, it's just hard. Bare feet require a decent binding, and socks slide on the dance floor. A logical and practical choice will be the purchase of slippers, which will make us happy. Let's remember not to buy them only for children - the freedom of designs means that adults can also wear them with joy.
Winter is the perfect time to build the child's immunity. Let's not give up walking and common activities in the open air - making a snowman or throwing snowballs - even when the snow is near the window of the snow, and the cold is pinching us in the nose. Let's take care of appropriate clothes so that our child will not overheat or sweat. Shoes are also important, thanks to which you can traverse the snowy sidewalks and jump into the snowdrifts. What will be the best snow boots for several-year-olds?
In the last quarter of the year, when you need to implement sales and purchase plans, we move around the city every day trying to look professional and representative at meetings with clients. In unfavorable weather conditions, let's take care of one of the most important elements of the outfit, which helps us to make a good first impression - for shoes. The right footwear should be warm, not to be thawed in the rain, comfortable, and above all stylish. We suggest what shoes will be the best for the winter for a fashionable man.
The day when our child goes to kindergarten for the first time is a great event. We are preparing the child up to this moment for several months - we are conducting talks about games, colleagues, dinners. We also complete a nursery kit containing the appropriate shoes that our child will have on his feet every day for several hours. We suggest what models will be best for kindergarten.
We are about to start preparing for the New Year's Eve party. Regardless of where we spend this special evening, let's remember about ourselves in the heat of the organization. Planning dress and makeup is great fun and nice emotions. Let's choose fashionable clothing, matching accessories and phenomenal shoes, to feel great and smile to welcome the New Year.
The New Year's Eve is behind us, and the carnival is ahead of us. That is the period of the year in which you simply have to play, regardless of everything. But for that to happen, besides a great event, you should also find a beautiful, unique stylization in which you will feel like a star. How to do it? Personally, we advise you to start with ... shoes! This is not quite a traditional approach, but it is up to the shoes to decide how good you will be at the carnival party.
Mukluki is a tradition that is unknown to us Poles but is known to other nations. Mukluki were traditionally made of animal skins - reindeer or seal, but today in the 21st century, similar products are not sold. It does not change the fact that the name still functions. Means winter boots, sewn from various materials. They are not typical snow boots and boots. Mukluki have something in them! It is worth using and enchanting the last days of 2018!
In winter, when there is snow outside, and the cold is tingling at the feet, we choose shoes that keep the heat. We put on insulated, long boots or solid snow boots to stand at the bus stop, or if the snow removal of the car did not end with frost. Suitable footwear perfectly fulfills its function outside. But what to do after coming to a warm office?
Christmas is fast approaching. This is a special time that we will spend together with family and friends. The decor of the flat, the menu and the place of setting the Christmas tree are carefully planned. In the madness of preparations, let's also remember about ourselves. Let's take a moment and choose costumes in which we will feel special during the Christmas Eve supper and solemn dinners. Which shoes are best set for Christmas family gatherings?
The mercury bar on thermometers dropped below -10C, and the biggest frosts were wrapped with additional scarves. In this weather it is very easy to get a cold, so take care of yourself. It's time to change your favorite autumn shoes for solid, warm winter footwear. Every year, you face a dilemma whether to look elegant and freeze, or choose warm-fitting but unfashionable shoes for the winter? Unnecessarily!
Winter is associated with a comfortable sofa, warm slippers and delicious chocolate, not physical activity. Practice shows, however, that the feeling of bliss will be only temporary - cold months will soon pass, and we will stay with extra kilos. Therefore, before everyone remembers the bathing suits pressed into the wardrobe, we can already be in the process of making a life form. Winter is no excuse! When the window is freezing, we can start the adventure with sport in the gym at the local fitness club. Treadmills are waiting to put their feet on them. All we need is the right shoes.
This is our first pre-New Year's article, in which we propose not only comfortable footwear for exercise, but also one of the New Year's resolutions. Each of us must take care of our health. We have sports to choose from, to the color, but without a proper disguise we will not like it. Comfortable shoes will be able to satisfy only when we seriously approach this topic. How to do it, however? How to buy these good, high-quality sports shoes? About this in today's article.
Comfortable. This will be confirmed by every woman who had to spend in too-high heels for more than two hours, and standing up. Each pair of shoes can turn out to be great, if we put them together with the whole stylization, dress or elegant trousers. This choice is ours, but it's worth remembering how to choose such outfit before purchasing individual items. Scheduling will help you avoid disappointments - because for who they are, right? Because...
Snowboots. Probably we are mainly associated with children's shoes, not very fashionable and rough. However, we want to show with this article that this type of shoes is very much needed. Not only because they deal with fluffy snow, but because they provide maximum warmth without any problem. It is known, soaked foot is a sick foot - bad shoes do not give any protection against seasonal colds, and none of us wants to be sick, especially because holidays are just around the corner.
Winter boots for kids are always a great challenge. They can not only be pretty. They must be comfortable and well protect small feet against cold and snow, as well as the plush. They must also be well-matched, due to the possibility of unnecessary and dangerous diseases. So how do you fit the children's shoe perfectly? What shape should shoes have in order to make the snow fun itself, pure pleasure?
Beautiful Polish autumn is slowly ending. In the blink of an eye, November also disappears, not to mention September and October. As this rainy season was very forgiving and provided us with a lot of sunny weather, we hope that winter will not give in the snow and in the end we will have a white Christmas.
Above all, we must remember that not one man lives a pair of shoes. We can have - and it is worth doing so - as many as three pairs of different shoes for autumn, thanks to which we will feel just better. We can buy elegant, original shoes, perfect for example for Andrew's party, casual shoes and shoes for special occasions, which are very comfortable and indestructible.
Every year, boots are the shoes most often chosen by women in every city. They are extremely versatile and fit every stylization and every situation. Knee-boots are an obligatory item in the wardrobe of every woman, so we hurry up with the exchange of a few interesting facts about stylizations related to these shoes. Women who choose boots can be a lot of fun this season. Why? Not only because recently boots are fashionable with a high top, but also because it is worth choosing different autumn colors of this type of footwear.
This season the most popular are boots of various types, but - not just any. It's all about a beautiful and eye-catching accessory, such as jets, studs, badges and even thick laces. Many models of shoes this autumn makes us want to wear them and not only for loose, casual stylizations. Also for those more demanding and elegant. How to connect it? First of all, with outer clothing. Tassel boots with a claw are useful for trench coat and coats. To get this claw, it is worth buying shoes with a chain or decorative flat studs added on the side, which emphasize the feminine character. This is good news for women who value independence, feminine beauty and a bit of madness in styling their clothes.
Guanys are associated primarily with youth movements, not entirely feminine - on the contrary. However, boots, as shoes for autumn, can perfectly work as a replacement for boots and boots, for which it is still too warm. Currently, we can see many interesting pairs of these shoes that will catch the attention of every woman. Why?
Shoes for women in the fall is a contentious issue. There are many beautiful types and models and it can not be unambiguously announced that this and this shoe will be the dream of the fall / winter season 2018/19. Meanwhile, you have to decide quickly. Cold air brought clouds and rain to Poland. It may be nice for mushroom pickers, but not for ladies who just have to find the perfect pair of shoes for themselves.
Wellingtons are a pair of shoes that we certainly associate with children, puddles and gardens. Each of these associations is good enough to ask yourself: what galoshes will be needed for me this season. The vast majority of us have forgotten what it is like to be a child. We do not jump into puddles and do not jump over them, ordering simple but beautiful impressions. It does not change the fact that we do not have to jump through puddles - for example on the way to work, when we are very late.
Autumn! One would like to say, but it is known that in September we slowly hide summer footwear, replacing slippers with sneakers and sandals for booties. The weather is also rapidly deteriorating - there are heavy and long lasting rains, and the world is drowning in drops and colorful leaves. That is why it is worth to buy shoes that will not cause problems. The rainy season is the perfect time to vent your wardrobe and add ... new footwear! In today's entry, we will tell you how easy it is to buy such shoes online.
School shoes are a very important part of the September layette. Although the attention of parents and children focuses on schoolbags, notebooks as well as pencil cases, shoes and clothes are equally necessary. Not every parent finally knows what shoes to choose for their toddler or teenager who goes to a new school or new class.
Today's unusual entry will be about the favorite part of owning shoes - their purchases. Buying shoes is not only pleasant activities, but also very long-lasting, especially if you suddenly come across the best promotion in our lives. Although the holidays are coming to an end, you can still buy more pairs of flip-flops and sandals in stores. For what?
Buying the right shoes has never been easy - this applies to all types of shoes with which we only deal. Sometimes, however, we buy many pairs of sneakers and sneakers, which are simply unnecessary. Why? Some of them are quickly destroyed, because they are not of good quality or are used too often by us. There are several ways, in addition to buying good-quality footwear, which is worth respecting, if you want to enjoy more than one season from a model of shoes. First of all, you should always take care of the shoes, that is, wear them so as not to destroy the back part, and also do not shuffle your feet. Thanks to this we will also save the tip.
Today's long title will be a bit warm, although mid-August will soon pass. Warm air and the still-lasting holiday time, however, encourage you to write holiday entries and that's what we do today. The question asked in the title certainly is not the easiest one, especially if we are going, for example, at the weekend. We have a small baggage with us, which does not allow us to add to them unnecessary pair of shoes at first glance. But are you sure? Will sometimes we need an extra pair of shoes?
Leather shoes are footwear that we should have in our closet, at least for summer or winter. Such shoes are not only extremely durable but also look beautiful. They are suitable for a wedding or Christmas Eve. Everything depends on the circumstances. And if their purchase is simple and pleasant, taking care of these shoes requires a lot of patience and regularity from us. Only in this way will we be able to enjoy their quality and aesthetics for longer.
Buying shoes is a hard thing. Every busy woman knows that, there is no time to walk around the stationary stores and look at each couple closely. Therefore, definitely - as you can see - we prefer online stores. Thanks to the great quality of photos, as well as very clear descriptions, the choice of footwear is not such a big problem. Additionally, when sitting at home, you can order several couples, even for the whole family.
One would like to say that it is certainly comfortable, but it will not help us much while choosing the right pair of shoes. In fact, there are many tips that will help in completing the layette for visiting the charming mountain paths. Today we would like to collect them in one, sensible article that will significantly lighten up the problem in choosing shoes for trekking.

Shoes with heels to the most comfortable do not belong. Even if they are well contoured and do not hurt us anywhere, they make the legs get tired faster, the blood supply to the feet is hindered and the feet are unnaturally bent. However, some of us have to wear heels every day (eg when dresscode at work requires it), others want to look good and others just like heels. However, we do not always want or can afford to walk in high heels all day long but we still want to add a few centimeters. Fortunately, there is advice! Heels and wedges come to us with help!


Who does not know them and who does not wear them? They are the icon of the 20th century: JEANS!


Spring does not spoil us this year, but the long May weekend is approaching! Are you going somewhere or are you staying home?


Holy Easter is already at your belt. Family gatherings, generously set tables, śmingus dyngus and earlier "egg" at work. Sometimes a jealous colleague or a cousin appears to be jealous. What to do to look beautiful and festive?


It seems that spring has settled in our home for good. You are already preparing for spring cleaning and dreaming about starting summer dresses and sneakers or sandals? Do you know how to take care of winter boots? If not then it will be necessary to read this article!


Have you ever wondered in what shoes people representing different seasons would go? In my opinion, winter would go in emu and colorful Lady Spring would come naturally in colorful sneakers! It is thanks to her magic shoes that every piece of land on which she would put her foot would flourish! Do you agree with me?

The sneakers have a history and it is longer than one would think.


Spring is coming fast! On the lawn you can see tiny fragments of green grass and even crocuses or snowdrops. Do you still have heavy, winter boots on your feet? It's too cold for sneakers, let alone ballet shoes, so what to wear? BOTKI! Here's what the biggest fashionistas are going to be - Chiara Ferragani, Olivia Palermo and Ines dela Fressange. They conquered Paris, rainy London and New York. But what do we know about them, after all, these are shoes for the winter. Well, no! Boots stay with us also in spring! And you'll see why!


Love for high-heeled shoes is sometimes a love without reciprocity. Why are the pins that we love so much


Shoes with heels make us feel more feminine, attractive. They add us a few centimeters of height, but also self-confidence and sex appeal. Our legs become longer and the silhouette slimmer. Today they are associated with the attribute of femininity, but have they always been such?


You should look after your shoes throughout the year. Regardless of the season and weather, because they are our showcase.


Choosing the right footwear for a preschooler is a real challenge! The child's foot is growing, so it should not be deformed by improperly chosen footwear, but what does it really mean? About today on our blog.


Summer is slowly coming to an end, so it's worth getting ready for the upcoming season. Although September pampers the weather and lets you forget about the fall, October will be much cooler. It does not remain, so nothing else but to look through your wardrobe and see what we miss for the fall season.


Most of us know their foot size, we also know when buying footwear that the sizes of individual manufacturers differ.