American Club American jogging girls' sports shoes violet blue pink

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American Club company has in its assortment sports footwear for children. The American Club shoes presented on the website ensure the proper development of small feet. This is especially important at pediatric age to prevent deformation of the legs. These footwear meet these standards and provide a guarantee of quality.

Sport shoes have been designed in accordance with children's fashion. They present themselves very effectively on a small child's foot and make it. They are offered in black in a modern design will appeal to little girls. They have pink accessories that revive the shoe and is its decoration that attracts attention.

Sports footwear also has a profiled, leather insole, which is responsible for the proper arrangement of the foot in the shoe and a rigid heel. This ensures proper support of the leg.

They are made of high quality synthetic material, which makes them durable and comfortable. Perfect for boys for everyday walking, but also suitable for light sports.

American Club shoes for children are new.

  • Additional information: Rigid heel counter
  • Character: lack
  • Color: Violet blue pink
  • Material: Fabric
  • Clasp type: Velcro
  • sex: Little girls

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