American Club American galoshes sock dinosaurs gr red multicolored green

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American club wellies is an innovative solution for children. Thanks to the additional warming, no weather will be scary during walks with your child.

Strings love to run on puddles and splash water around. Thanks to the right length of shoes and a thick undersuit inside they will be protected against the harmful effects of water. Rolled out fleece material looks original and gives the outfit additional charm.

Children's galoshes are not only a practical item, but also a gate to the land of fun, which is why the patterns on the shoes will surely appeal to the little ones. Wellingtons that have mastered mysterious monsters will seem more interesting to him than classic shoes and will be more likely to put them on.

A thick, properly profiled sole will protect the child against injuries caused by stepping on sharp objects or stones. Parental vigilance is not only about observing the child, but also surrounding him with articles that will ensure his safety. American club wellies belong to the group of such things.

  • Colour: red different colour green
  • Sex: Boys
  • stuff: Gum
  • Type of fastening: Other
  • Additional information: Stiff heel
  • Hero: different

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