American Club wellies + insole multicolored green

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Regardless of whether it is raining outside the window or whether autumn rain is coming out with your child in such conditions requires reaching for appropriate footwear. Wellingtons prepared by the American Club company are perfect for this purpose.

The main task facing wellies is to prevent moisture inside the shoes as a result of contact with rainwater. Shoes fulfill this mission perfectly.

Made of flexible, yet waterproof rubber boots, galoshes ensure that your child's foot stays dry at all times. The shoes also have another advantage, in the form of a removable high insole, lining the entire interior of the footwear.

This ensures a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout the whole time of use, also on cooler days. The use of a drawstring in the form of a string in the upper part of the insert additionally ensures that water does not get inside even during the most heavy rain.

Wellingtons were made in dark green, imitating military colors. The colors are complemented with inscriptions in shades of green, gray and black.

  • Sex: Boys
  • stuff: Gum
  • Type of fastening: Other
  • Additional information: Stiff heel
  • Hero: different
  • Colour: different colour green

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