American Club half-sneakers violet white

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Half-sneakers from the renowned American Club company for girls are a prudent purchase for people who care about the comfort of their child when using footwear.

The shoes are perfect for PE lessons at school, as well as for walking on it or around the house. They are made of specially selected textile material so that no adventure during physical education lessons or at school will result in the destruction of worn shoes.

They are designed in purple and white, and the vast majority is purple, which stands out perfectly against the white sole and the tip of the shoe.

American Club half-sneakers are fastened with Velcro twice, which prevents the footwear from slipping out during its application at school or at home.

A stiff, properly reinforced heel perfectly protects the child's heel against falling out of the shoe and causes a feeling of solid seating of the shoe on the foot while walking.

The attractive price is undoubtedly one of the undeniable advantages of these half-sneakers.

  • Color: Violet White
  • Clasp type: Velcro
  • Additional information: Rigid heel counter
  • sex: Little girls
  • Material: Fabric
  • Character: lack

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The transaction was successful. I recommend.
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