American Club BS10 Beige Sport Shoes white brown navy

28,29 USD
23% cheaper
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American Club shoes belong to the group modeled on sports shoes. It's a great solution for a child for the spring - summer season, but also for early autumn. They are light, shapely and are suitable for playing uncomplicated sports appropriate to the child's age, e.g. running in the yard with friends or playing in the kindergarten playground. Through dark colors they are more suitable for boys, although they can also be successfully used by girls. They have a lacing fastener, which will greatly help your child adjust the height. Inside the shoe there is a leather insole, which significantly affects the comfort of wearing.

Thanks to American Club BS10 shoes, parents can be sure that the child's foot is well protected and healthily maintained, and they look very nice, so there will definitely be a problem with the child's whining that he doesn't like.

  • Hero: lack
  • Additional information: Stiff heel Leather insole
  • Colour: white brown, beige navy blue
  • Sex: Boys
  • Type of fastening: shoelace

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