American Club American 16107 sports shoes grey black white

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Every child has a need to have the most fashionable trends as soon as they notice them in their peers. This is not surprising as preschool children want to be accepted in their environment. Fortunately, fashionable footwear does not have to be expensive, there is an option of not only fashionable but also universal, cheap and comfortable footwear, i.e. half-sneakers from the American Club.

These shoes are made of good quality fabric, resistant to damage that can be caused by a child at school or in the yard. The colors are very universal, so the footwear is intended for both boys and girls. It fits a very large amount of clothes and fashionable styling, and at the same time is very comfortable.

The sneakers have a stiff heel counter and are laced, which means that they can be well adjusted to the foot. The white sole gives them expressiveness and does not restrict movement due to the fact that it is very flexible. It is a suitable choice for children who want to feel fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

  • Color: Gray black White
  • Clasp type: Another
  • Additional information: Rigid heel counter Leather insole
  • Character: lack
  • sex: The boys

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